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UPVC French Doors

French doors LeedsOur double glazed UPVC security French doors can be manufactured with both style and saftey in mind and offer a wide range of designs and Coloured Finishes to enhance your property.

The doors are fitted with a high security locking mechanism which has 3-hooks,2-rollers,1-deadbolt,4-shootbolts top and bottom.

The door hinges can be protected by door claw bolts if required, to prevent any attempt of burglar attack.

Whats most impressive is the door locking bolt has a Eurocylinder-less locking system, which eliminates door barrel snapping completely.

We are confident that our doors are probably one of the most Secure doors on the market.

The hardware products supplied to us are all secure by design approved.

The company believes getting the right balance between a customer's budget and offering value for money is very important, but without sacrificing your families Security.

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